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Fill out the form below to be one of the 500 partner Churches/Organizations to help fulfill the dream of filling up the Jones!  

Your Church/Organization needs to have a trusted individual to be your representative for the Pray Jones Stadium 2018 event. This individual must be approved by his or her Lead Pastor/Supervisor to be the official representative. 

Church/Organization Commitment

  • Invite and encourage all the members of your church/organization to come to and participate in the Pray Jones Stadium 2018 event.

  • Allow the Pray Jones 18 team to use your church/organization name on the Pray Jones 18 website and promotional materials.


Responsibilities of The Representative:

  • To have been appointed by your lead pastor/supervisor to be the Church/Organization representative for Pray Jones Stadium 2018.

  • Be the official liaison between your church/organization and Pray Jones 18 Team for communication.

  • Spread the word!

  • Sign up your Church/Organization by filling out the form below and clicking Submit!

  • In the event an emergency prevents you from meeting the responsibilities of the Church/Organization representative, you will pass the representative responsibilities on to another trusted member.

Please complete the form below and click "Submit." Once this form is submitted and approved, your church/organization will be officially counted as one of the “500.”

Thank you! We look forward to seeing  you on March 25, 2018!

The Pray Jones 18 Team

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