TTU Policies

• Security Screening required for all patrons entering stadium

• Field Access requires proper credential


ADA Seating: ADA seating, including wheelchair spaces, are available on the concourse and the first 2 rows of Sections 2 & 3. Standing is not allowed in the ADA seating area.

Alcohol: It is prohibited in the stadium. Violators are subject to ejection.

ATM: ATM machines are located inside the stadium on the west and east concourses. There is also an ATM machine located outside the north entrance of the Frazier Alumni Pavilion.

Bags and Bag Search: See Clear Bag Policy information on Entry/Security Page.

Beverages/Food: Outside beverages and/or food are not allowed into the stadium. Exception: One unopened 20 ounce (or less) bottle of water may be brought in. Frozen bottles of water will not be permitted.

Concessions: NO concessions will served at Pray Jones Stadium 2018.

Conduct: Guests are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. Violators of stadium policies are subject to ejection. Disorderly Behavior may result in ejection from the stadium and possible arrest.

Containers and Coolers: Cans, glass, bottles, coolers (ice chests) and other type beverage containers are prohibited in the stadium. Exception: One unopened 20 ounce (or less) bottle of water may be brought in. Frozen bottles of water will not be permitted.

Field Access: Field access is limited only to those individuals with a proper credential.

Firearms: Firearms are not allowed in the stadium (Texas Penal Code Section 46).

First Aid: Medical services are available at the First Aid stations located on the west side concourse and on the east side concourse. In case of an emergency, please contact a Police Officer or Event Staff personnel. Guests with pre-existing medical conditions or special needs are encouraged to check in at First Aid and inform the attendants of their seating locations.

Gates: Gates 1A, 3A, 4A (ramp), 6B  will open at 3:30pm, 1 1/2 hours prior to the start of Pray Jones Stadium 2018 at 5pm.

Lost Children: In case of a missing child, contact a Police Officer or Event Staff personnel. Lost children will be escorted to either of the stadium security offices located on the west and east concourses of the stadium.

Lost and Found: Articles found in the Stadium are turned over immediately to the TTPD Stadium Security Office. Items unclaimed at TTPD Stadium Security Office - post event - are taken to the TTPD offices (2901 4th Street).

Photography: Hand-held still cameras are permitted for personal use. Commercial photography is prohibited.


Jones AT&T Stadium Prohibited items

• Alcoholic beverages

• Animals (except Service Animals)

• Artificial Noise Makers

• Banners

• Commercial Camera/Video Equipment

• Coolers / Containers | Exception: One unopened 20 ounce (or less) bottle of water may be brought in.

• Firearms, weapons, explosives, fireworks

• Food & Beverages | Exception: One unopened 20 ounce (or less) bottle of water may be brought in.

• Poles

• Seat Backs with armrests and/or wider than 16"

• Smoking (Includes electronic cigarettes, vaporing, etc.)

• Throwing of objects

• Umbrellas

• Other items not listed may be disapproved for entry into the stadium.

• Prohibitive items cannot be left at the gate and must be returned to vehicle or discarded


Public Address Announcements: Individuals will not be paged over the public address system.

Re-Entry Policy: Attendees may exit and come back into the stadium with the following guidelines - All attendees re-entering the stadium must re-enter no later than 6pm. Stadium security policies will be in place for all guests re-entering the stadium.

Restrooms: Men's, Women's and Family restrooms are located throughout the stadium on the concourse level.

Smoking: Jones AT&T Stadium is a Smoke-Free facility. (Including electronic cigarettes) Attendees may exit the stadium to smoke. (See: Re-Entry Policy)

Solicitation: Texas Tech University policy prohibits solicitations of any unauthorized item for sale, trade or giveaway on the grounds in or around the stadium. Violators of this policy may be asked to leave the stadium.

Throwing of Objects: Anyone caught throwing objects inside the stadium and/or onto the field will be subject to ejection from the stadium and/or arrest.

Umbrellas: For the safety and consideration of all guests, umbrellas are prohibited in the stadium. Guests may consider bringing appropriate rain gear in case of inclement weather.


Security measures will be constantly reviewed and are subject to change as conditions warrant. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Inclement Weather

In cases of inclement weather, Texas Tech advises attendees to take shelter either under the stands, or inside the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum. The coliseum will open in case of inclement weather. As a reminder, umbrellas are not permitted inside Jones AT&T Stadium.